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S4 Ep4: Kate Padget-Koh on Self Expression
Episode 47th June 2023 • Surface Time with Stephanie • Stephanie Luo
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Kate expresses her creativity through many media, including paintings and upcycling. Water is an element that plays a huge part in her life and how she shapes her own autobiography. I love what she said: we can all be a piece of art ourselves.

Speaking as a woman, when a woman knows herself well and is comfortable in her own skin, she can express her thoughts and visions more effectively. This applies to men as well. The journey of getting to know yourself is part of your life experiences. In that process, as you encounter various people, they can help you to refine your narratives. In Kate’s case, she uses her art and love for fashion as her medium to communicate who she is.

What represents your own self-expression?

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