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Dennis McKenna: Improve Creative Thinking with Psychedelics as Tools for Learning - 38
Episode 3827th October 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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Dr. Dennis Mckenna calls psychedelics “tools for learning how to think.” In this episode, Laura Dawn speaks with Dennis Mckenna about how psychedelics can help us think more creatively. As Chase Jarvis says: “Our species and our planet face a new set of challenges that only creativity can solve.” 

We are living through a time of rapid change where creative thinking and creative problem solving are now being called the most important skillsets for the 21st century. 

Many of us weren’t taught creative thinking skills in school and need to find new ways to tap into our creative potential. As it turns out, psychedelics might be able to offer us the kind of help and support we need to adapt to these times of increasing uncertainty and unprecedented challenges. 

As Dennis explains in this episode: “psychedelics allow you to see connections that you usually don’t see. Then you have an opportunity to come up with not only funny ideas, but great ideas.” 

Dennis McKenna has a Master's in Botany and a PhD in Botanical Sciences and has been conducting research in ethnopharmacology for over 40 years. Dennis believes that “the entire biospheric community of species is conscious, and seeks to advance the evolution of consciousness through collaboration and symbiosis.” 

One might argue that they are collaborating with us by teaching us how to expand the boundaries of what we believe is possible by teaching us how to think outside the box.

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This episode features a song called Heal This Land by Tina Malia.



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