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#116: Crafting An Irresistible B2B Offer: 7 Steps To Create an Offer So Good Your Customer Can't Say 'No'
Episode 154th December 2023 • The B2B Playbook • Kevin Chen & George Coudounaris
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Make an offer SO DAMN GOOD that your customer feels stupid saying ‘NO’ to it.

That’s the challenge we laid down to our B2B marketers in this episode of The B2B Playbook. Now, most marketers when they think about an ‘irresistible offer’ turn their minds to pricing, free trials, or overpromising with huge commercial outcomes.

But that’s not a sustainable approach. And here at The B2B Playbook, we’re all about long term b2b demand generation strategies that scale.

An ‘irresistible’ offer is about creating an offer so perfectly aligned with your customers’ deepest needs that they would find it irrational to decline. So today, through our easy to follow seven-step process, we’ll show you how you can transform your offer from ‘just another option’ to the obvious choice for your Dream Customer.


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00:00 - Introduction to Crafting Irresistible Offers

00:03:34 - Niching Down for Better Targeting

00:07:00 - Understanding Your Dream Customers

00:10:36 - Defining Unique Value Propositions

00:13:00 - Effective Positioning Strategies

00:15:20 - Determining Your Pricing Strategy

00:18:00 - Big Fish, Small Pond Positioning

00:21:00 - Crafting and Testing Your Offer

00:24:05 - Real-World Positioning Insights

00:27:20 - Crafting Irresistible Offers


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