Interview with Stephany Fish Crossman
Episode 3127th December 2022 • Dressage Today Podcast • Dressage Today Podcast
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Welcome to the Dressage Today podcast sponsored by Purina. In the last episode of 2022, Stephanie and Aviva reflect on the year, and Aviva answers a tough question about keeping older horses supple. Then together they interview Stephany Fish Crossman, an accredited biomechanics trainer based in Brooksville, Florida who also has a popular series of videos that covers a wide range of riders and breeders our subscription video site, Dressage Today OnDemand.

Stephany Fish Crossman began riding as a young girl in Maine. By eighteen, she discovered Dressage and left college to join Michael Poulin as a working student. After a successful management career in Florida's hospitality industry, working for a large, small, and exotic animal vet, and grooming for Jane Savoie, Stephany attended the now defunct International Academy of Equestrian Studies in Warendorf, Germany where she graduated with her National Trainer Certificate. She is a USDF bronze and silver medalist as well as one of only nine accredited coaches for Mary Wanless' Ride With Your Mind Biomechanics System in the U.S. In addition to her Dressage and Biomechanics background, Stephany furthers her knowledge of how horses think and how to work best with them by working with Harry Whitney, a little known horsemanship treasure based in Arizona. She is currently based in Brooksville, FL with her husband Chris, who is a cattle rancher, her two horses that she’s up the levels, and her pet cows.


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