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Kelli Maxwell and Kyle Taylor of the Campfire Hour Podcast
Episode 2521st July 2020 • The Talking Llama Podcast • Ian M. Roth
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Throw a rowdy crew from Montana together with some whisky, coffee and microphones and you get the Campfire Hour Podcast. Today's Guests are Kelli Maxwell and Kyle Taylor from the Campfire Hour Podcast. The Campfire Hour Podcast is about changing the local culture and celebrating entrepreneurs who are doing big and bold things. They support teamwork and their mantra is collaboration over competition.

We talk about their interview and production process and their editing and process workflow. Until recently, they recorded all of their interviews in-person. That's right, they traveled all over their region to bring the show to their guests. They pick one recording day per month and record all of their episodes on that day for the entire month.

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