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#98. Estate Planning: You Can't Take It With You
Episode 989th April 2024 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Natisha Matthews, an ordained elder and attorney, shares about the importance of estate planning for Christians, particularly in the urban community.


  • Cost of not planning for your estate (even if you think you don't have anything)
  • What are wills, power of attorney, health care proxy?
  • Mindset for estate planning


Rev Matthews areas of practice are Trusts and Estates and Real Estate. She is passionate about teaching believers and the urban community about Estate Planning. Currently she is one of the ordained Elders of Bethel Gospel Assembly, Inc. where the Senior Pastor is Bishop Dr. Carlton T. Brown.


01:35 - Passionate about estate planning dialog

02:57 - Raised in an urban immigrant community

03:43 - Journey to eldership and attorney

07:51 - Importance of estate planning

09:21 - Basics of Estate Planning: will, power of attorney, health care proxy

09:27 - Wills

09:35 - Power of Attorney

10:22 - Health care proxy

11:02 - People don't feel the need for estate planning

11:25 - Not planning creates chaos, uncertainty, confusion

12:10 - We do not prepare for estate planning

12:19 - Estate planning is not usually known about, especially in urban communities

12:40 - Mindset is important

12:50 - Urban communities tend to think more about survival from paycheck to paycheck

13:16 - Suburban communities more plan for the future

14:14 - Both cultural and racial norms come into play

17:24 - How should Christians approach estate planning?

17:31 - Get understanding and knowledge about estate planning

18:22 - Some culture shy away from talking about death and estate planning

20:06 - How should younger people approach estate planning?

20:49 - Plan for the unexpected

21:16 - Get something in place - it can always be changed, if needed

22:04 - Debunk the myths

22:17 - Not planning is selfish because it will negatively affect loved ones

23:32 - What cultural and ethnic considerations need to be considered?

24:25 - How do we change people's mindset?

26:23 - Opportunity to share Christ in estate planning conversations

27:42 - What are the financial barriers to estate planning?

28:33 - Estate planning establishes a legacy

28:52 - Not planning creates more expensive procedures

29:08 - Petitioning the court

29:49 - Incapacitated people can't sign a power of attorney or health care proxy

31:15 - Pay for a will on a payment plan

32:08 - Unexpectedly used by God and He opened doors

36:16 - Initial Steps to Estate Planning

37:14 - How can a pastor help his congregation in this matter?

38:26 - What is God saying to you using this podcast?


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