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Why I Can't Set You Free From Imposter Syndrome - And That's A Good Thing! [Ditching Imposter Syndrome Episode 010]
Episode 108th February 2021 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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There's a topic that's hitting my inbox each and every day at the moment - and the essence of it is why I can't ditch Imposter Syndrome for you. And that's not as obvious a statement as it might seem!

This episode is a queue-jumper. I was planning to talk with you about how to spot the warning signs for Imposter Syndrome this week, but this topic is so important, I didn't want it to wait.

Here's What We'll Cover About Why I Can't Set You Free From Imposter Syndrome

  • The problem with Imposter Syndrome coping strategies
  • The real message behind the complaints I've been getting in my inbox
  • Why the 'basta-moment' is the key to creating breakthroughs
  • The three-lettered word that has to come before you take action
  • The self-mentoring question that can shift you from 'information' to 'implementation' and actually creating change in your life

Important: The show notes & resources I mention in this episode are waiting for you here: