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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 8, 21st September 2020
Faith and Courage Through Extreme Adversity with Jay Hewitt
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Faith and Courage Through Extreme Adversity with Jay Hewitt

Jay Hewitt was my youth pastor growing up and was very influential to me as a young adult. His story is one filled with hardship, adversity, and challenge. But it’s also one that’s filled with hope, courage and faith, and a deep love for his family. He is an inspiration to many in the way he has shown up through the most difficult of circumstances to prove that no matter how hard life might get, if we trust and have faith in our connection to something greater than ourselves, we can continue to show up and inspire possibility in those around us. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Endurance: A short film of overcoming adversity



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