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Paul Fig: Rock ‘n Roll, Sound City, and How to Record Huge Guitars
Episode 6016th February 2022 • Progressions: Success in the Music Industry • Travis Ference
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This week’s guest is Los Angeles based producer, engineer, and mixer Paul Fig. Paul is known for being a go to tracking engineer, especially in world of hard rock with credits including AFI, Jerry Cantrell, Slipknot, Rush, Alice in Chains, Bush, and Deftones. He also currently owns and operates the studio Dave’s Room in North Hollywood. We go deep on recording techniques for guitars and vocals, as well as chat about his journey from Sound City to freelancing and the importance of staying two steps ahead of everybody.

In this episode we'll dig in on...

  • Engineering records that you are producing
  • Maintaining phase coherence in multi mic guitar recordings
  • Starting as a runner at Sound City at 32
  • Working with Jerry Cantrell and Alice in Chains
  • Songwriting demos in the rock world
  • Transitioning from being in a band to working in a recording studio
  • "Riff Mining"
  • Taking over Dave's Room studio
  • SM57 secrets
  • Recording vocals with two mics at once
  • Having music in Sonic Highways
  • Desert island guitars
  • Being part of a studio family
  • Making records and making library music
  • Intonation and guitar doubling

Travis' Intro: Planning Tomorrow

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Guest: Paul Fig

Host: Travis Ference

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