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1329 – Micro Learning with Jasmine Jonte
26th September 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Jasmine Jonte Coaching and Consulting, Jasmine Jonte.

Jasmine explains that microlearning is a very important way of taking in information today. In the age of Tiktok and Youtube shorts, there is not as much of a market for long content. The majority of audiences gravitate towards shorter content that is between five to fifteen minutes. Having a content library can be important to any creator as you can answer any questions one time and have it there to be referred to by any prospective client or viewer. Jasmine explains that in-person features, time management, and private podcasts are doing well in the market of content creation. Taking steps such as adding in-person aspects to offers, having features that are done for an individual to save time, or converting your course into a podcast are all ways to take part in these market trends.

The platform a business should work with for their courses or content depends on what they are needing to grow their company. If they already have sources for websites, media, or email, there is no need for an expensive robust service. Picking a platform is also important based on the community a business serves. The target may be the older generations which would make Facebook the best option, or it could be tech-savvy millennials who use Slack predominantly. Jasmine explains that being informative about what you are teaching within each course lesson is important to give the audience an idea of what is going on. Jasmine Jonte Coaching and Consulting is a done-for-you course creation agency that helps its clients organize information for their courses by listening to them to ultimately create the course content.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What is working well with courses today
  • Content libraries
  • What is hot on the market
  • Platforms
  • Course design practices
  • What Jasmine’s Jonte Coaching and Consulting does

About Jasmine Jonte:

Jasmine Jonte helps experts turn braindumps into world-class programs! Her Done-For-You Course Creation agency takes care of everything - from the big picture promise down to the last worksheet download. They're on a mission to make learning simple and fun for 10 Million students while saving 100+ hours for every course creator they partner with!

Coupling her teaching experience with business savvy and management skills, you’ll want her to do the heavy lifting when building or upgrading your online programs!

Tweetable Moments:

00:54 - "Now, you want microlearning. People want lessons that are 5 to 15 minutes maximum."

05:30 - "If you're not meeting the expectations of the market, then you need to get there first before you kind of add on some of these sexier bonuses that take a little more bandwidth for your team to create."

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