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Putting The Turbo in Customer Service
18th January 2023 • Marketing 4 Business • Scott Wilson
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Putting The Turbo in Customer Service

Hayden Knighton is the managing director of Mag & Turbo Christchurch, one of NZ’s most successful tyre and mag wheel shops.

In this episode, Hayden shares his inspiring business story, from starting work at age 15 to his passion for helping people, building a loyal customer base and driving fast cars. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in Putting The Turbo in Customer Service.

* The Passion Factor - Hayden shares his passion for helping his customers and what makes him tick.

* Changing Roles - 3 key takeaways Hayden learnt from moving from Tyre Fitter to Tyre Salesman.

* Chucked In The Deep End - How Hayden went from sales to running the Mag & Turbo Montreal Shop and managing people.

* Going Good Meetings - the weekly meetings Hayden & Kane used to stay focused and grow sales of their businesses.

* The Mag & Turbo Superstore - the five reasons why Hayden & Kane create a Mag & Turbo Superstore in Christchurch.

* Attracting Team Members - the types of people that love working at Mag & Turbo and how Hayden helps them succeed in the fast-paced world of mags and tyres. 

* Growing from 6 staff to 30 staff  - one key component to growing a business that keeps the doors open and the sales flowing.

* Advertising Media - a critical advertising media Hayden runs daily to drive sales.

* Advertise, Advertise, Advertise - Hayden's philosophy on advertising. Most businesses don’t do this and slowly lose market share daily.

* Reading The Market - Hayden explains why to be the market leader, you must know what the market wants and how they want it.

* Creating Loyal Customers - how Hayden has built a loyal customer base of repeat customers and one thing he wants every customer to think about after they leave the shop.

* Training Hgh Performing Sales Teams - the process Hayden uses to train his new salespeople into high-performers that get the job done.

* Dealing with Suppliers - how Hayden has built a tight group of loyal suppliers over the years and what they mean for his business today.

* Hayden's Give It Go Mindset - an insight into Hayden's mindset of what makes him tick and reach his goals.

* Hayden’s 20+ Years of Business Advice - the three pieces of business advice Hayden shares to help anyone considering starting a business.

And so much more 😉

Have fun, and enjoy listening and learning from this inspiring business podcast.

Scott Wilson