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249 Character, Nature and Fate- Navigating the Human Realm with Polestar Astrology • Gregory Done
Episode 24926th April 2022 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Where do we come from, where are we headed and what should we do in the interim? Is the blueprint of our life set in stone, or do we have the free will to control our destiny? It is so very human to contemplate our mortal fate and infinitesimal position in the cosmos.

But what if the answers to life’s most elusive questions are written in the stars? What if we can catch a glimpse, a silhouette, or a knowing of how our stories unfold? According to Chinese Polestar Astrology life is a dance between Fate, Nature, and Character; factors that intertwine to create patterns and layers that define our existence. Understanding or deciphering their reciprocity may hold the answer to our life’s purpose—giving us a roadmap to better navigate the human realm.

In this conversation with Gregory Done, we glimpse into the experience of being human—including our sense of self, the unique gift of reflective consciousness, and the influences that impact us to shape our existence. As Gregory explains, fate is malleable. We can steer it, and it can in turn, steer us. We also explore the role of the Oracle  and how the influences of our ancestors impact us.

Listen into this discussion on how character, nature, and fate interact to shape and give meaning to our experiences through the ancient lens of Chinese Polestar Astrology.