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[Founders' Corner] Be the Friend That You Need with Darcie Raney and Stephanie Jones
Episode 2816th August 2023 • Mind to Muscle • Jennifer Loganbill
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In today's episode, I introduce you to two of my best friends, Darcie Raney and Stephanie Jones. They are long time members who have been my friends through some good, bad, and ugly times. But what I've found is that they have always been the friend that I need and that is so special to me.

You will both laugh and feel inspired by this conversation. We talk through the importance of having friends that make you feel like sunshine, how to navigate those that don't, a quick game of two lies and one truth, and wrap it up with questions from our sweatysisters.

This week, we challenge you to listen to God telling you to reach out to that person you've been thinking about. It's not a coincidence. Stop making excuses. Send the text. Make the call. Be the friend that you need.

Today, Darcie and Stephanie share:

  • Their fitness mindsets as runners vs. weightlifters
  • Being the friend that you need and empowering others
  • Tips on how to balance being your child's mom and best friend while also keeping their respect

For more on Darcie's story, listen to episode 25!

You are strong. You are powerful. You are worthy.

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