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Ep. #31 | Real Ghost Stories with Remso Martinez
Episode 3129th May 2023 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 31, Marc is joined by this co-host on the Second Print Comics Podcast, as well as the co-producer and host of the paranormal programs The Haunted Republic and The Witching Hour, Remso Martinez! Remso details how he first got into ghost hunting in an attempt to debunk ghost stories in order to help generate more content as an aspiring full-time content creator. But this whimsical attempt at gonzo journalism turned all too real once Remso and his team began encountering malevolent entities and capturing the interactions on film. Remso also explains how these encounters helped solidify his religious faith, ultimately leading to massive changes in his professional and personal life.

In the Smoke-Filled Room bonus segment for Marc Clair Show premium subscribers, Marc and Remso discuss the question "just what are these entities?" Are they actual ghosts - souls of the deceased somehow trapped half-way between our material reality and the spiritual realm? Or are they demons aka fallen angeles, using deception to portray themselves as something they're not?

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