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B2B SaaS Benchmarking and Its Impact on Go-To-Market Team Alignment, interview with Ray Rike, CEO at RevOps Squared | SaaS Webcast #128
Episode 12820th July 2021 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Ray Rike is the CEO & founder of RevOps Squared, a company that conducts benchmarking research across a wide variety of KPI categories in the B2B SaaS industry enabling SaaS companies to exponentially increase customer acquisition, customer expansion, and customer retention efficacy.

Ray Rike has more than 30 years now of experience in the SaaS industry, his passion for data-driven & metric-based decision-making has helped him succeed across five SaaS company exits.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 Contentfy, your On-Demand Podcast Editing & Repurposing Team
  • 01:02 - Intro
  • 02:08 - What exactly are Revenue Operations & Why You Need it
  • 03:26 - Metrics & Benchmarks Helping SaaS Companies
  • 07:01 - What’s the Strategy When Looking at the Overall Industry Performance
  • 12:41 - Best Tools to Keep Track of Your SaaS Metrics
  • 15:47 - Where RevOps Squared is Gething Insights & Industry Data
  • 19:44 -  Hard Decisions to Improve Your Performance Based on Metrics
  • 26:36 -  The Most Important SaaS Metrics and KPI’s
  • 31:27 - How valuable is Your Product, What Investors Want to See.
  • 33:00 - Outro


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