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How AI and Data Science is Shaping Solar O&M - Episode 11 of Power Players by Origis
Episode 115th October 2022 • Power Players by Origis • Origis
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Topic: How AI and Data Science is Shaping Solar O&M

Moderator: Michael Eyman, Managing Director, Origis Services

Guest: David Kenny, Co-Founder and COO of Omnidian

The solar operations and maintenance space is ripe for technological advancement.  Moving past drones and satellite captured performance information, the industry is adapting a host of applications to ensure the nation’s clean energy assets perform as expected despite unpredictable climates and within more complex policy structures.  In Episode 11 of Power Players by Origis, host Michael Eyman discusses machine learning, AI, remote analytic tools, and other advances with one of the industry’s long-standing leaders, David Kenny, Co-Founder and COO of Omnidian. 

During their conversation, the power players discussed three contributions that AI and data science is making to solar O&M:

·       Aligning Stakeholders Across the Solar Value Chain

·       Detecting and Diagnosing Solar Asset Issues

·       Streamlining Operational Workflows and Compliance