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Ep. 24: Accessing Sensuality Through Cooking and Consuming Food w/ Kiele Jael
Episode 2417th May 2021 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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I’m so excited to have my soul sister Kiele on the podcast today! She is a health and wellness coach who inspires women to access self love and sensuality through cooking. How delicious is that?!

This conversation centered around nutrition and food, but not in the way most health and wellness podcasts address those things. Sure, we talk about nutrition, but this conversation went so much further than that. We went deeper and explored the way we neglect our needs by rushing through the process of preparing and consuming food. Kiele talks us through how we can connect more deeply to ourselves in our daily lives and how we could be creating even more sensuality through something like nourishing our bodies. 

I hope you enjoy our chat about culinary enlightenment! 

What you’ll get out of this episode:

  • What it means to combine sensuality and cooking and what you can learn about your health through consciously preparing and consuming food
  • The ways rushing through, skipping meals and dieting could be creating a disconnect between you and your body
  • A deeper understanding around how consciously consuming food can help you be healthy without complex dieting
  • How the things you learn about food in your childhood can affect your relationship to nutrition as an adult
  • The importance of nourishing your energy system instead of focusing on the science of health
  • How clarifying your philosophy on food can help you strengthen your relationship with it
  • How to connect your heart, gut and brain to keep you physically and emotionally healthy

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