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LIVE in New Orleans at Essence Fest!
Episode 93rd August 2023 • Dreaming in Color • The Bridgespan Group x StudioPod Media
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Welcome to Dreaming in Color, a show hosted by Darren Isom, a partner with The Bridgespan Group, that provides a space for social change leaders of color to reflect on how their life experiences, personal and professional, have prepared them to lead and drive the impact we all seek. 

In this episode, we journey down to New Orleans during Essence Fest for Bridgespan’s very first live episode recording, a panel highlighting Black women in philanthropy moderated by Tonyel Edwards, a partner at The Bridgespan Group.

Join us as Tonyel hosts a kitchen table conversation with a panel of Black women leading some of the most innovative thinking on equitable philanthropy: Morgan Dawson, co-CEO of Threshold Philanthropy, Tynesha McHarris, co-Founder of Black Feminist Fund, Carmen James Randolph, founding President / CEO at Women’s Foundation of the South, and Susan K. Thomas, president of Melville Charitable Trust. 

Listen as these remarkable women discuss their pathway into philanthropy, the unique assets that come from being a Black woman leading in the space, and all of the ways they have navigated and changed the landscape of giving in support of a more just, equitable and colorful future. 

This is Dreaming in Color. 

Jump straight into: 

(1:02) Starting things off with a James Baldwin Invocation 

(3:55) Darren brings the words of Donald L. Hollowell into the space 

(8:36) Introducing panel moderator Tonyel Edwards

(10:03) Learn about all the different hats our panelists are wearing as Black women 

(19:14) Carmen references writer Toni Morrison - "As you enter positions of power and influence, dream before you think."

(34:40) Tynesha emphasizes the philosophy of being a “principled” leader. 

(47:47) Power sharing, wealth redistribution and giving something up knowing that it’s not yours.

(51:45) “Hold your North,” and other thoughts on navigating the terrain of the philanthropic sector

(53:18) Best practices for building and leading in philanthropy.

(1:09:51) Rest as revolution

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