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The 3 Pillars of Building Paragraph with Colin Armstrong
Episode 3911th April 2023 • Inside the Den • Dwayne Moffatt
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Colin Armstrong the founder of Paragraph joins us to talk about how he’s building Paragraph on 3 important pillars.

Creation - Distribution - Monetization

He has continued to build using a lean start-up methodology, creating tight feedback loops so they can iterate and adjust as quickly as possible.

Being aware of the limitations of other content creation platforms and then removing those constraints he has built a platform that allows users optionality in how they build and interact with their audience.

The user can build with familiar Web2 tools but use Web3 functionality if they choose by minting and gating with NFTs.

Paragraph continues to add the features that content creators need to Create, Distribute, and Monetize. 

So Dive in and be curious, create content, and see what works for you and how you Play your Game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Early adopter and innovator
  • Mining Bitcoin in 2011
  • Worked for Coinbase and Google
  • Three Pillars
  • Creation. Distribution, Monetization
  • Building as a lean start up with tight feedback loops

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