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Mastering your Podcast and Live streaming Skills
Episode 317th May 2022 • Podcasters Live!!! • Steve Worthy
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You just started a podcast and now you're airing live to the world. Nervous is not even close to describe what you're going through right now. You've jumped out of your comfort zone and are concerned about stumbling over your words or not saying something profound enough for an entire hour. Well, guess what? Your fears haven't come true yet, so don't keep focusing on the negative. Start by attempting to 'fake it till you make it.

In this episode, you will learn about how you can make your first ten episodes more professional by setting your tech the right way. You will also learn more about the refinement phase and what you can focus on for episodes 11-15 before finding your voice on episodes 16-20.

Highlights From The Episode:

[02:46] Episode 1-10: Test, test, test!

[04:43] Know everything about the tech you are using.

[08:23] Know your show format.

[11:05] Learn how to speak in the void.

[13:35] Understand the graphics to use.

[15:56] Episode 11-15: The refinement phase

[19:22] Episode 16-20: Focus on your voice.

Notable Quotes:

● The more familiar you become with the pieces of equipment, the better off you will be.

● Practice is the opportunity for you to hone your skills.

● The more reps you get in, the more comfortable you become.

● The more narrow you can get with your content, the more polished, concise, and effective your voice is going to be.

● The better you can articulate, the more credibility you're going to establish.


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