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The Secrets to Raising Happy Children
Episode 446th April 2022 • How Not to Screw Up Your Kids • Dr Maryhan
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I want to talk about what might possibly feel like the elusive art of raising happy children. Everywhere we are reading about children and teenagers struggling with their mental health and yet there are a vast number of children growing up happy. What’s the secret??  

Sometimes it is hard to get the balance right between what makes our children happy and what’s actually in their best interests. This episode is not about always taking the line to happiness but I do think happiness and what’s right are not mutually exclusive. You can most definitely raise a happy child by always doing what’s in their best interests. I’ll share my top 6 tips.   

Here are the highlights: 

(05:06) A bit about my own children 

(08:58) You must work on your own happiness 

(12:15) Encourage your child to build relationships 

(16:29) Promoting optimism as a state of mind 

(22:00) Teach our children to connect with their emotions 

(28:13) Create habits 

(33:32) Connect regularly as a family 

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