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Client Whiperers - Embracing Intuition and Empowerment: Discovering the Soul Whisperer with Stuart Elliott
Episode 5231st May 2024 • Billionaires In Boxers Global • Phil Pelucha
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Unleash your inner greatness and navigate life's challenges as host Lesley Nase interviews the Soul Whisperer, Stuart Elliott, guiding professionals on a transformative journey to connect with their true selves and overcome the societal pressures of success. 

In this episode, you will be able to: 

  • Discover the transformative journey of a Soul Whisperer and unlock your full potential.  
  • Master the art of effective communication to build stronger relationships and career success.  
  • Explore the fascinating world of therapy and coaching and how it impacts gender differences.  
  • Overcome your fears and embrace change to create a life filled with growth and fulfillment.  
  • Unleash your personal and professional growth with Stuart Elliott's Clear Plant Nurture Harvest system. 

My special guest is Stuart Elliott 

Stuart Elliott, also known as the Soul Whisperer, is a guiding force for professionals seeking personal and professional growth. With a deep understanding of navigating life's changes, Stuart empowers individuals to be confident, courageous, and capable in their journeys. Through his teachings, he helps people connect with their inner greatness and find the freedom to truly love themselves. Stuart's unique approach combines his intuition, expertise in neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and conversational hypnotherapy to help individuals break through blocks and create lasting change. With a focus on listening and understanding, Stuart creates a safe space for his clients to express themselves and discover their true potential. Join us as Stuart shares his wisdom and insights on the transformative power of connecting with our souls.



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