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GM63: War Without Rules ft. General Robert Spalding
26th June 2024 • Top Traders Unplugged • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
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Join us as Cem Karsan and I explore China's plan for global dominance with retired General Robert Spalding, author of "War Without Rules." General Spalding discusses the rising tensions between China and the West, pointing out warning signs from the past two decades and mistakes made by the West. We delve into China's long-term strategy for world domination and its impact on investment strategies. We also question if TikTok is being used by China as a weapon against the West. Additionally, we examine the decline of democracy, the rise of autocracy, and the challenges democracies face in competing with autocracies. Finally, General Spalding highlights the importance of protecting digital infrastructure from cyber threats and decentralizing it for resilient communication, a mission he passionately pursues with his company, SEMPRE.


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Episode TimeStamps:

01:49 - Introduction to General Robert Spalding

03:38 - What did Spalding learn from flying B-2 airplanes?

08:44 - Who is Spalding's criticism aimed towards?

10:33 - A visionary perspective

15:37 - TikTok - The ultimate weapon?

21:37 - Is the West as "bad" as China?

30:49 - How do the West compete on a level playing field against autocracy?

42:28 - Spalding's view on the conflict between China and Taiwan

54:29 - How hot can a cold war get?

58:31 - Is there no way back?

01:00:51 - The vulnerability of infrastructure and data

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