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72. Cashing Checks & Checking Privilege: Finding Balance with Rob Perkins
Episode 7228th June 2021 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Rob Perkins was an accomplished Managing Partner of his family business, WestView Real Estate, when he decided to launch the WestView Senior Home Purchase Program. He talks about their acquisition of Senior Move Masters, a new venture designed to guide senior citizens and their families through the difficult process of moving home or joining a retirement community.

From a young age, Rob was concerned with the advantages he’d been gifted in life thanks, in part, to his family’s emotional and financial support. While he was always grateful, his biggest fear remains growing arrogant with his success.

In the latest episode of Gravity, he joins us for a stark exploration of the pros and cons of working with loved ones, the value of the mentors in our lives, and the difficulties in striking the right balance between humility and taking pride in our achievements. 

What Brett asks:

  • [01:25] Let’s back up and start with your childhood.
  • [05:58] Did growing up around toxic masculinity affect you?
  • [09:23] Why did you feel bad about the advantages life gave you?
  • [11:25] Were you a good athlete and what interests did you have outside of sport?
  • [15:46] What did you do after leaving school?
  • [16:40] What did you study?
  • [17:30] Tell us about your first job.
  • [22:20] Tell me about the experience of losing your mother.
  • [24:12] Can you elaborate on the mentors in your life, their wisdom and their therapy?
  • [33:24] As someone who strives for humility, is it possible that you undervalue your achievements?
  • [39:00] How are you forging your own path, now?
  • [47:48] Any final thoughts?

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