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320: 5 Lessons I Learned After 2 Cohort-Based Course Launches
28th July 2022 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Today’s solo episode is the last one before we take an extended summer break for August. We will return with new episodes in September and October before I plan a sabbatical of several months.

Today’s focus is on cohort-based courses, which are becoming very popular in the world of online education. It’s a very powerful model that I truly love. Join me for a closer look as I share what I’ve learned so far!

5 lessons I’ve learned about CBCs:

  • It truly gets easier the second time around, but the first time is a lot of work.
  • There are tweaks you may have to make in real-time. 
  • Guest workshops are very high leverage. 
  • Use the “I-do, we-do, you-do” framework.
  • Realize that a CBC is a lot of work, so beware of having multiple endeavors go on at the same time.  

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