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210. Seed Oils 101: Nutrition Fact or Fiction with Dr. Cate Shanahan #WellnessWednesdays
Episode 21026th October 2022 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Dr. Cate Shanahan is the world's leading authority on seed oils and she’s on a mission to spread the word on the damage they're doing to us, both individually and as a species. We start by identifying the hateful eight – eight toxic factory-made seed oils – but this conversation takes us all over the nutritional spectrum. 

She helps us parse fact or fiction on numerous murky subjects, from the blatant corruption at the root of all nutritional research data past 1948, to the benefits and pitfalls of restrictive dieting, how and why the modern food landscape has evolved to be so harmful for our health, and the risks (or not) involved with consuming raw milk.

Come for Dr. Cate’s deep wisdom on seed oils and her truly clean snacking and diet tips, stay for a shout out to the brilliant Anthony Bourdaine and Cate’s fascinating perspective on global cuisine – a showcase of nutrient-rich delicacies that do not exist in our modern American food lexicon.

You will learn about...
  • Transitioning from family physician to nutrition 
  • Corruption at the American Heart Association
  • Serious complications from oxidative stress
  • Seed oils 101: Why are we worried about them?
  • The hateful 8 oils to avoid (all factory made)
  • The toxicology behind why they’re bad for us
  • Downstream impact of seed oil misinformation
  • Rise of polyunsaturated fatty acid in modern diets
  • How and why that road leads to death
  • Detoxing from seed oils
  • Healing your relationship with food
  • Limiting empty calories and sugar 
  • Favorite clean meals and snacking tricks 
  • Milk! A food that's designed to nourish
  • Fermentation as a hack to making foods more nutritious
  • What is a species-appropriate diet?
  • Nutritional research shift in 1948 – and harmful results 
  • The groundbreaking work of Weston Price
  • The sad lack of connection in today’s food
  • The encompassing work of Anthony Bourdain
  • 4 Pillars of World Cuisine
  • Force of Nature meats
  • Protocol for safe raw milk consumption 
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