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Cramer To The Moon, Bonds Are Bonkers & Social Media
Episode 1217th March 2023 • The Higher Standard • Chris Naghibi & Saied Omar
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In recent episodes Chris and Saied have highlighted some of the things that get people excited in the current market. Today, however, Chris emphasizes that conditions have changed and there is a new call for concern. Time to be extra observant. Stocks move lower as bond yields extend their gains. The 10-year Treasury hit 4% and the 1-year treasury rose 3 basis points. The Minneapolis Fed Reserve President Neel Kashkari has said that he is open to the possibility of a larger interest rate increase at this month's policy meeting on March the 22.

But first Chris and Saied explore Tim Cramer and the inverse ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) of Cramer. One can literally bet against him to make money. Cramer is well known for his show Mad Money on CNBC. Chris describes how Cramer rose to popularity and still receives a lot of coverage but doesn’t actually have a profitable track record to follow.  He once urged listeners to dump HP stock in 2011 just before it shot up, and he did the same with Netflix and Best Buy in 2012. Is all this being done for entertainment value?

Chris and Saied get into the evolution of social media and what's next for that whole industry. Enjoy a discussion about the second wave of social media and how it may be driven by Gen Z's fundamentally different mindset. They discuss the Be Real app that will encourage people to be truly authentic.

Finally, Chris and Saied dive into Blackstone and the news that it defaulted on a $562 million bond backed by a portfolio of Finnish offices and stores. They dissect the implications of this news.

Join Chris and Saied for this fascinating and informative conversation.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Why betting against Tim Cramer is a good idea.
  • What the big concerns are in the market and why you should be vigilant.
  • How home prices and sales can really be a lag indicator.
  • What happens when there is less revenue for companies and why some of the ramifications of a recession take time to show themselves.
  • Interesting discussion about how Americans get over big news easily, including that of the Chinese balloon and disappearances of Chinese moguls in finance and tech.
  • How Gen Z, and in particular teenage girls, will shape the social media landscape of the future.