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What The Holiday Recovery Was That?
Episode 215th January 2022 • What The Pod Was That? • Barrett Gruber, Cari Simmons, Zac King
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It's time for another episode of What The Pod Was That: Podcast. And this time, it's a Post Holiday Recovery.

Cari (from Status Macabre) share a couple videos and a story of how she also had a pen-pal in prison.

Cari's Shares; Inmate Connect and Amish Pick-up.

Zac (from The All About Nothing: Podcast) correct us on John Madden's Death.

Zac's Shares; Recasting Batman, Renegade Science Teacher, Super Mario Hand Music, and The First Matador.

Barrett (from The All About Nothing: Podcast) seems to have theme to his videos this week!

Barrett's Share; Baby It's Cold Outside, Mouth Music, Jamming Harmonica, DJ Wakes-A-Lot and Canada Loves You Back.

And the group shares some of the best, recent Betty White moments while we mourn the legends passing.

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