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Professionalism In Business - "Authenticity" Can Kill Also Kill Your Business
Episode 231st January 2022 • Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast (The REmarketing Podcast) • Jerome Lewis
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As a real estate entrepreneur, you know that marketing is essential to your success, but it can be hard to know where to start.

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All right. I just wanna talk about something really quickly and because it matters. Right. And I just finished up a call with this gentleman. He's like interested in like partnering up with us, like in regards to business. And he's like, yeah. Um, I'm excited. Like he been pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, so he can be part of our like business network.

And like I'm from the hood, right? I'm from the hood, right from the streets and all that stuff. Right. You can tell whatever, but you have to change, right. You have to grow. And I bring that up because a lot of times people will say that I'm being authentic because they don't wanna grow or because they wanna stay the same.

Right. Even, uh, I even have this. That just insists on posting, like JTO music, trashy content, and this client is like, that's me, I'm authentic. And I wanna be very careful about what we say authentic means like authentic doesn't it's just because you're changing and growing into something else. Doesn't mean you're not authentic.

Right. I see this a lot and people say, I wanna be authentic. And because they're trying to be authentic, right? Like with the quotes, because they're not really authentic, cuz they wanna stay the same or stuck in it that, um, these low level mentalities, these low level languages, they never go anywhere.

Right. So I just want people to understand. That being authentic doesn't mean you get to stay, uh, um, you don't get to grow. You have to grow and become other things, right. Especially when you're in business and you're trying to deal with and bring on clients, customers. Um, you you're trying to, like, I work in real estate.

So I'm typically working with people that are selling houses, trying to buy houses. I even work with people that are like trying to sell courses. And it's like, oh, I, I never wanna change. I always gonna be me. And it's like, that doesn't matter. Right. When you're, when you're in business, what is business about business is about people, not you people, right?

You have to serve other people. And if you continue with this, oh, I want to be authentic thing where you're, it was not really even authenticity. It's like that low level. Uh, that, that, that low mentality stuff, like you're not gonna go anywhere. Right. I've yet to see anybody that's like with that ghetto nonsense, other than, you know, rappers or whatever, go anywhere.

It doesn't, it, it, it's not synonymous with success. So. You have to be careful when you say like, we, we gotta be very careful. Like I was talking with some of my business partners and he was like, one, one of, one of them mention he's like, look, uh, what does that even mean? Be authentic. Right. And I'm like, yeah, that is actually a dangerous saying, because people are picking up on that saying and thinking that they have to stay the same.

Right. There's nothing artificial about me. I'm very authentic. Right. I'm authentic, but I'm also professional. You get into business, you have to be professional. Like you can't, I can't continue. Like if I wanna go somewhere, I can't continue with that ghetto and that trashy low level mentality and that low level, just that thought process.

It's not it's, it's not really worth it. Like I would never go to where I wanna go to, if I stay authentic, like what these people are saying. So please be careful. When you're out here talking about being authentic, right? You still have to grow. Nobody's saying change, who you are completely as a person, but you have to grow, be more professional, be willing to change and grow into something better.

All right. So, um, I just wanted to talk about that and because I have like clients I teach and I coach marketing and one, one other one, I'm thinking about my clients. I'm like, why, why did you post that music? And that music is very repelling, right? It's is basically some ghetto. Uh, rap jingle some ghetto rap song, and it's gonna push a certain client away.

Right? And I'm not saying that you can't have a niche or you can't have a client that you focus on, but this is why it's important to understand your client, understand your niche because. Me for example, right? I'm a client I'm instantly turned off by that kind of content. However, guess what? I will spend money if you present something to me professionally.

Right? So I'm thinking about this client and I'm thinking about the customer avatar, right? It's important that you understand your avatar and marketing. I'm thinking about the avatar and essentially this avatar is ghetto, right? The avatar is ghetto and I'm not trying to be prejudiced. What do ghetto people have?

They don't have much, right. They don't have much, they don't have money. They don't, they're not willing to pay. So is that the kind of avatar or client that you want? Maybe if that's what you want and you want people to keep coming and trying to get information for free, or they're not willing to pay anything, then you continue that path.

But if you plan on having. Guess what you're gonna have to upgrade your professionalism, right? If you pay attention to TV and the, you know, you start to pay attention to the media, there's professionalism, professionalism, and just about all of it, right? You can't stay in that ghetto, low level mentality.

It just doesn't work. So enough of my ran, I just wanted to talk about that because I hear people say that I wanna be authentic all of the time and that's just not what authentic means. Right. Be willing to grow, be willing to upgrade. Right. Be willing to do the work. Yes. You can't curse anymore. Okay. That requires work, but guess what?

It's going to be worth it, right? Oh, you shouldn't be blasting your music or listening to that. Ghet or posting those ghetto song. It's gonna take work. But guess what? It's gonna be worth it. So enough of my rambling, I just wanted to get that out there. I wanted to talk about that because I see people say that and do that all the time and it absolutely matters.

It absolutely matters how others perceive you. So you gotta be careful what you're pushing out and what you're putting out, what you're putting out there. Right. Still maintain a level of professionalism. There's no need for you to do that low level stuff. Right. Um, I appreciate you watching and I will see you on the inside.




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