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How Leaders Can Transform Company Culture With Gratitude
Episode 2719th July 2022 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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Company culture is a fundamental aspect of an organization, and promoting an attitude of gratitude among staff members can strengthen workplace culture and improve factors like productivity, retention, innovation, and more. Company culture is made up of the social aspects that define an organization, being the unique set of values, attitudes, behaviors, and practices shared by its members. So how can leaders incorporate gratitude into their company culture to positively impact their organization?  

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses the importance of promoting gratitude within their leadership principles to positively transform an organization’s company culture. Leaders who incorporate an attitude of gratitude within their organizations can positively influence aspects within the workplace by growing the unity of their company culture around this positive aspect. Jennifer explains different methods leaders can take to positively influence others with gratitude to help further strengthen and define their company culture.