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Building The Bridge To Loveland Acres Farm with Scarlett Salamone
Episode 7228th August 2020 • The Rural Woman Podcast • Katelyn Duban
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On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast you’ll meet Scarlett Salamone. A chronically ill former inner city special education teacher gone calf loving, goat toting, chicken chasing, duck herding, sheep shearing dairy farmer. Scarlett grew up on the heels of her dad and uncles on her grandparents’ livestock farm  in IL hoping there would be a runt she could raise. Her peace as a biracial kid in a less than welcoming world was found in the barns, putting meat on the table for her family the bonus. Scarlett’s Farm, Loveland Acres located in Southern Wisconsin, is a community focused farm committed to utilizing the diversity in plants, animals, and humans to do our part in ensuring the land is stewarded well, all children have a place to learn in the fields, and everyone has a seat at the table to celebrate hard work put in.

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