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Chapter 173. A space-alien on toast
Episode 17328th August 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Well this is a bit of a curve-ball, a Fear Ball, or that rare thing, an Amsterdam snowball.

Because this week we end up chatting about F.E.A.R in the context of its importance as both a musical statement and also as a backdrop to the first Royal Albert Hall gig. I'm not quite sure how we got here but I have to admit it's certainly an interesting idea to explore, even though I keep repeating myself. (Nothing new there.)

Ant thinks FEAR's important and I'm glad he does.

The diary is a bit of a whistle-stop gad around France, Germany and the Netherlands involving a quest for just the right kind of eyewear, electric toothbrushes and trying to finish The Bonfire of the Vanities - such is my life.

And apparently you have to get the balance of the ingredients right (crucially the sugar), have a steady hand, and employ the back of a warm spoon. (Not for a space-alien on toast obvs, a cold spoon will do for that)

Love'n'furry dice


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