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Episode 3224th November 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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Do you have big dreams? Do you ever feel like where you were born, how you grew up affects those dreams? Do you feel like you're held back from achieving those dreams because the financial part of this isn't where you want it to be?

What's In Store For You

Robert Riopel is the founder of AmentorA Inc. and one of his first businesses was a pizza franchise. And as a speaker, he shared stages with some amazing people - the Dalai Lama, Richard, Branson and other people.

Robert has come back from being $150,000 in debt to being able to retire at the age of 32 - and he did all of that in about nine months.

How was Robert able to do that? How do you overcome limiting beliefs to push towards a place of success? RK3 (that's me) and R3 talk about that today.

  • [05:28] What is Robert focusing on this Thanksgiving week?
  • [07:37] How do we develop that mindset of just not having the expectation of reciprocation?
  • [09:29] What led Robert to the space where he was in debt for $150,000.
  • [15:02] What triggered Robert and his wife to say "This debt is too much. We can't do this. We need to find a new way."
  • [19:31] Outside of the mindset work, what is one big thing that Robert did in order to get rid of the debt in just 9 months?
  • [21:08] How does one navigate getting out of something that is challenging when both people see differently and have different perspectives?
  • [23:44] Key takeaway and focus items from Robert's book, "Success Left A Clue"
  • [26:05] What is the piece of advice that you find yourself giving most often to people who don't see how they can get from their situation right now to the place where they can be of service?
  • [27:14] Robert has a gift for all listeners!


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