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Episode 525th September 2020 • Thrill Of The Hill • Farm Advisory Service
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Alex is joined by Iain Boyd to discuss the potential of renewables in farms across Scotland. The potential our landscape and geography have for different types of renewable energy, and what conditions are currently conducive to their addition to your business.

Renewables have an important part to play in the fight against climate change, allowing Scotland to transition from fossil fuels to greener alternatives. Generally, the uplands present the greatest opportunity for uptake of large scale renewable technology in the agricultural sector. At the same time there are real concerns over balancing the needs for energy production and protecting the environment. In episode five of the Thrill of the Hill series the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) talks to environmental consultant, Iain Boyd (SAC) about a range of topics and issues, including the current state of play for the Scottish renewables sector, evaluating the potential of your farm for renewables, the footprint of turbines, up and coming technologies and the potential threats of climate change on new and existing projects.



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