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32. Stand Out PR in the Digital Age
27th August 2023 • Women On The Rise with Jen Blandos - Powered By Female Fusion • Jen Blandos
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In the powerful premiere episode of Women of Impact, special guest Mita Srinivasan shares her journey from being an "accidental entrepreneur" to becoming a legend in the UAE's PR and marketing scene. Discover how Mita saw a gap in the market and transformed her tech-centric PR agency into a powerhouse, focusing on underserved areas, and how she's now paving the way for AI startups. Dive into the world of communications, as Mita reveals the common PR mistakes small businesses make and offers actionable advice to stand out in the digital age. 

Episode Takeaways:

  • Authentic Engagement: Learn how to engage authentically on social media, share your expertise, and build a consistent online presence to attract customers and partners naturally.
  • Unveiling PR Myths: Discover the common PR mistakes made by small businesses, from generic emails to missing website information, and how to rectify them for a more professional image.
  • Empowering Connections: Embrace the power of newsletters, engage with stakeholders, and foster meaningful relationships with customers and partners to create a strong and influential network.

Get ready for a wealth of insights on authentic self-expression, impactful storytelling, and building meaningful connections.




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