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The Hard Thing Podcast - Justin Lewis EPISODE 130, 12th October 2020
Ep. 68: Finding Your Voice and Learning How to Breathe with Cynthia Zhai
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Ep. 68: Finding Your Voice and Learning How to Breathe with Cynthia Zhai

Today we discuss finding your voice, learning how to breathe and running your own business.

Welcome back to the 68th episode of the Hard Thing Podcast.

Before we get to the show:

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Now to the show.

Today I share my conversation with voice coach Cynthia Zhai. You can actually reach out to Cynthia by watching her Youtube channel.

We start off talking about how Cynthia started her own business. Cynthia felt like she was only using 30% of her potential. 

We then talk about how she started talking with her friends about speaking and how that eventually turned into her business of helping people find their voices

We then talk about different breathing exercises on how to breathe better.

Today was a fun conversation, even though we had some connectivity issues.

Cynthia did leave us some action items:

Start humming in the morning to get your voice ready in the morning

Sigh with a sound more

THink about 3-5 things to be grateful for.

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