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Manolo Gamboa Naon - Generative artist series 6/6 - Old School Self-Curation Generative Artist
Episode 1730th August 2021 • Floor is Rising • Floor is Rising Podcast
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This is an 6 episode series on generative artists who we found interesting. 6 artists in total who we found contributes something unique in the current generative art landscape, they span different blockchains/platforms/aesthetics/personal histories.

Show Notes;

  • Artist Curated generative art rather than using the now popular Drop mechanic. His art is sold more traditionally similar to Fine Art NFTs.
  • Manolo is able to generate generative works that are similar to the style of Kadinsky, Max Ernst, Delaunay, are the machines going to take over?
  • Kizu makes fun of Sabretooth calling himself a serious collector
  • Is generative art going to emerge as the defining art style of this era?

Manolo Gamboa Naon SuperRare;

Artnome article on Manolo;