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Ep. 235: Kate Garnes – You Can Do This, I’m Rooting for You
Episode 23511th November 2020 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Today’s show might be exactly what you need. You’re in for the inspiring story of a woman who defied the odds and never gave up on her dream. She’s got gold nuggets of wisdom about believing in yourself and becoming your biggest advocate. Join us!

Kate Garnes is a motivational speaker, choreographer, actor, and podcaster. She travels the country to speak, especially to teenagers. Kate uses her story of being told she was never good enough to go on to become a performer at Walt Disney World. She’s gone on to become a gladiator, not because anyone saved her, but because she learned how to save herself. Kate is the author of Mixtape: How to Stop Listening to the Recordings of Your Past

Big dreams 

Have you dared to dream “big dreams”? From the time she was very young, Kate’s dreams and plans were to be a singer. She planned every step in her life around that dream but overhearing a chance conversation between her parents one day sent her the clear message that she wasn’t good enough. Through high school and college, Kate dabbled in various endeavors because she wasn’t sure what to do with her life. She soon auditioned at Walt Disney World and became a character performer for ten years. At age 28, her dream shifted to becoming a motivational speaker, which is what she does today. It’s a career that she loves and one that fulfills her in ways she could have never imagined. Today, Kate instructs teens on how to be their own biggest advocate and not their biggest critic in dreaming big and fighting to make those dreams come true. 

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Believing the lie

Do you worry about what other people think about you? Most of us spend way too much time caring about what others think of us and our dreams. Part of the problem in believing in ourselves and chasing our dreams is that we believe the lie that everyone else knows more than we do. It’s the reason we let their words have such a strong influence over us. The truth is that other people don’t notice or think about us nearly as much as we think they do. Why do we give other people such power over us? Kate says we let their words determine our value and squelch our dreams. Why?

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Detox your life

Does your life need a detox? Think about the podcasts, TV shows, movies, and friends that you have in your life. It’s an important principle that we will live out what we are consuming. An important step in chasing your dreams and realizing your worth is to detox your life from things you need to leave behind. There are movies and TV shows that you need to leave behind. There are friends who are full of negativity and criticism that we need to leave behind. Detoxing your life of negativity will leave more room for positive energy. Kate explains why we all need friends who are willing to “get in the mud” with us. 

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Start asking questions. Ask as many questions as you know to ask, and if you run out, then ask some more. Listen to the voice inside you and give yourself permission to be the goddess, giant-slayer, adventurer, and hustler that you were created to be.”


[:42] Young Kate’s dreams

[3:03] Doing what she loves to do

[4:47] Why kids struggle to dream

[11:14] Being your advocate and putting in the work to be happy

[15:49] Why we believe the LIE

[17:36] How Kate found clarity at age 28

[22:00] Advice from Kate

[28:37] Detox your life and show yourself grace

[31:27] It’s OK to walk away from a dream

[37:52] Take care of yourself--and then help others

[45:16] ONE action for a dream chaser


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People don’t realize the impact their words have to shatter your dreams. @kategarneslive #chasingdreams

I didn’t know what I wanted to do because I was told I wasn’t good enough for the one thing I wanted to do. @kategarneslive #chasingdreams

It’s a game-changer when you believe in yourself and cheer yourself on. @kategarneslive #chasingdreams

Self-care is not selfish. @kategarneslive #chasingdreams

Whatever you are consuming is what you will live out. @kategarneslive #chasingdreams

One of the best things you can do in following your dream is to ask questions of those who do it well. @kategarneslive #chasingdreams