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GO Getters - Lehigh University EPISODE 2, 12th November 2020
GO Getters Episode #08: James R. Maida
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GO Getters Episode #08: James R. Maida

James Maida, Class of 1985 and member of the Board of Trustees, has trouble sleeping at night if there’s a problem that needs to be solved. With John Simon, he talks about his experience as a computer science engineer-turned lawyer-turned entrepreneur, how he’s guiding his international business through the pandemic, and Lehigh connections that span generations. 



GO Getters put ideas into action, creating change that has impact on our communities and our world. Lehigh President John D. Simon ’19P hosts straight-up, no-nonsense conversations with leaders on the forefront of change — within and beyond the university — who are dedicated to bringing direction to a dream.