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Trevor Merriden | Thought leadership for personal brand business owners
Episode 1483rd July 2022 • Podfluence • John Ball
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What is thought leadership?

Is it being a guru with all the answers?

Is it being the leading voice and authority in your industry?

Perhaps that's what it has been seen as for a long time and for many, this might make thought leadership seem unattainable and maybe even undesirable.

My guest Trevor Merriden is here to blast through our preconceptions and misconceptions about thought leadership and show us that modern thought leadership is a conversation we can all be a part of.

Trevor is a thought leadership consultant and content strategist with a history in journalism and ghostwriting, as well as being a radio show host and podcaster himself.

In this episode:

  • What is thought leadership?
  • How to guide the future
  • Conversations that lead to sales
  • The age of the guru is gone
  • Why it's better not to have all the answers
  • Trevor's three C's
  • The power of curiosity

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