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EP81-Cristina Rodrigues-Parenting with Compassion: Embracing Gentle Discipline
Episode 815th July 2024 • Bringing Education Home • Kristina & Herb Heagh-Avritt
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Cristina Rodrigues

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Cristina Rodrigues is a certified positive discipline educator, specializing in early childhood, and is the founder of Changing Parenting. Cristina helps parents of preschoolers (aged 3 to 6) who want to gentle parent, but often feel judged and unsupported. She reassures parents that they don’t have to be perfect. Cristina gives them the tools to be able to raise their children with kindness instead of fear, while simultaneously focusing on self-compassion and the knowledge that being a good parent 51% of the time is already amazing.

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6 STEPS From Tantrums to Cooperation -

How to deal with challenging behavior in public when you are feeling judged and overwhelmed

In this episode, Cristina Rodrigues shares invaluable insights into gentle parenting, emphasizing empathy, connection, and mutual respect between parents and children. Drawing from her extensive experience as an educator and parent, Cristina advocates for nurturing environments that foster emotional intelligence and resilience in children.

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