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Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Chris Voss
Episode 911th June 2020 • Now to Next with Nick Nanton • Nick Nanton
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Chris Voss is the CEO and founder of The Black Swan Group Ltd, a best-selling author, and the FBI’s former lead international kidnapping negotiator. Host Nick Nanton discusses Chris’ national best-selling book, Never Split the Difference, the attributes that make a master negotiator, and empathy’s effect in business negotiations. 


  • 2:40: Should you split the difference?
  • 3:53: Why compromise often doesn’t work out
  • 6:36: Oprah Winfrey — the negotiator
  • 9:19: Tactical empathy and strategies used
  • 12:02: In a kidnapping, who has the upper hand?
  • 1408: Social dynamics that affect decision making
  • 18:15: Chris’ work in Haiti
  • 20:31: "The favorite or the fool" concept
  • 26:42: Labeling — but not in an accusatory way
  • 30:33: Taking a job for mercenary reasons
  • 33:39: The two magic words of “that’s right” in a negotiation
  • 35:54: Perspective will get you to the answer you’re looking for
  • 37:49: The benefits of asking “no" oriented questions
  • 41:00: When the door opens, the game is on


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