005 - Dr Simon Raybould: Simple Confidence Boosters
Episode 526th October 2016 • Success IQ • Geoff Nicholson
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In this episode, we are joined by Dr Simon Raybould a member of my mastermind, a great friend and an expert in his field.

Simon is a speaker, trainer and author. As a speaker, he specialises in resilience, emotional robustness, public speaking and presenting.

As a trainer, he's the director of the training company Aware Plus and he has a particular speciality as a trainer and coach helping anyone who wants to make better use of their voice or who wants (needs?) to make better presentations. Basically, it all boils down to 'impact'.

Simon is also the author of Presentation Genius 

website: www.presentationgenius.info


Favourite Book: Wizard of Earthsea

Favourite App: Droptask

Life Lesson: Lesson 13 - Experience vs Bling (38:10)