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DIJ EP 2: Excellence, Education, Reform & Revolution w Keith Catone
Episode 219th November 2021 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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After Delma makes the words bigger (and highlights them) to help Shadiin read the screen, they trade their usual sweetness. Shadiin and Delma then open up about what it means to be a Global Majority/BIPOC human facilitating difficult conversations in predominantly white spaces. How do we remain authentic and What to do with the anger, frustration, etc...that can come up.

DIJ hosts dive deep with guest, Keith Catone, who has a deep background in education and organizing. Keith is Executive Director of Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE) and speak about these places we call schools - what do they do? How do we listen to the young people who refuse to play along, the ones we call troublemakers? How can we tap into our ancestral wisdom so that schools can be places where everybody can show up and thrive, not just survive. 





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