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50: Interview with Brian Wallace founder of NowSourcing Inc.
12th February 2017 • The Frum Entrepreneur • Nachum Kligman
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Talk about a successful niche market! Brian (Benyamin) Wallace is the Founder of NowSourcing Inc. One of the leaders in info graphic design. In this inspiring episode (Our 50th!) you will hear about Brian’s story starting of as a technology guru, starting his own media company and then pivoting into the info graphic industry. His info-graphics are some of the most seen and shared in the world with clients such as Lexus, Google, Twitter, Adobe, Forbes, FedEx, Fox, Pepsi, Microsoft, Pizza Hut, Skype and many, many more. Projects range from between $5k – $10k and higher, but with the addition of the unique marketing ideology of NowSourcing, it could very well be the best marketing dollar for dollar you can buy today.

NAME: Brian Wallace

COMPANY: NowSourcing Inc.

LINKEDIN: Brian on LinkedIn

TWITTER: @nowsourcing

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