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Lessons Learned on Vulnerability from Daring Greatly -37
Episode 3728th February 2023 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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This week we get up close and personal on a hard topic, vulnerability. Fortunately, we have Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly to help guide us as we navigate through. If you haven’t read Daring Greatly, this barely scratches the surfaces and primes the pump, so if this episode connects with you, you’ll definitely want to add it to your reading list. If you have read it, this is a great opportunity to revisit the myths around vulnerability and to take a moment to reflect on how you are applying this to your life, and how you might look at things with new lenses and examples. 

We primarily focus on the vulnerability myths that Brene talks about in her book. Some are bound to feel familiar. Perhaps the myth you can go it alone? Or vulnerability is a weakness? We’ll even talk about some boundaries that go with vulnerability and figuring out who you can trust. I even trust you with some pretty stark examples of vulnerable points in my life. I’m sure it will bring to mind vulnerable points in yours and reinforce the relationships that were of value. 

We also take a moment to reflect on Shame and Shame Resilience, because no conversation around vulnerability, Daring Greatly, or Brene Brown would be complete without it. It is only a small reflection, so be sure to explore some of Brene’s other work or send me a note on where you should start if this connects with you and is something you want to explore further.

If you are interested in reading “Daring Greatly” snag your copy here- 

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A little about your host –

Shawna Rodrigues is an entrepreneur, author, and consultant who found the alignment of her many talents and passions in podcasting. After launching her podcast, The Grit Show, she soon learned that women host only 27% of top-rated podcasts. It was understandable given the many challenges in sustaining a podcast. To combat this she launched the Authentic Connections Network; taking the tech and stress out of podcasting, and amplifying women’s voices. Connect with her on Instagram- @ShawnaPodcasts.

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