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Audio Essentials with Filmmaker Kevin Elliot - Part 2
Episode 8821st July 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Matching Audio to Your Brand

When Kevin’s company begins a brand project, they start from the perspective of the first sound that will strike an audience’s mind. Kevin looks for the video's vibe and creates a complementary soundtrack that goes along with the footage and feel of the brand. For one specific project, Kevin started looking through soundtracks and found the most wonderful viola piece.

He prides himself on grabbing people's hearts and drawing them in emotionally to the soundtrack and visuals created. Kevin makes sure to create audio that might be expected, then brings it to Wewa Films' interpretation of the piece, building the client brand.

The Distinct Look to Wewa Film Production

“It’s incredibly hard to take the talent that you have and become excellent at doing it.” Kevin believes that art is what organically comes out of a person. However, the teacher in him wanted to analyze and determine why his filmmaking looked different from other filmmakers’ video productions. He found two reasons for the cinematic difference between his production and other videos:

  1. His partner is a wedding photographer, which taught her to be a ghost when shooting so she can capture those raw, emotional moments. 
  2. She is a natural-born visual storyteller who knows how to put video clips in sequence to tell a compelling story.

Making Everyday Work Look Like Magic

Kevin and his partner created a video for a local McDonald’s, advertising their business. The client left a review that said, “You made our everyday work look like magic.” He enjoys taking everyday activities and creating beautiful art.

Sound design is needed whether you are shooting near a road or shooting a spectacular jet launch. When you have a bold video, you’ll need to match your audio to compliment the visuals. There are certain audio bites people expect to hear if you want to complete their experience. You want to make sure there isn’t any cognitive dissonance. If you don’t design the audio around the visuals, you can easily distract your audience.

Listen in to find out the types of projects Wewa Films produces, how Keven and his business partner were able to put together a tourism campaign for Gulf County, and Kevin’s tips on how to use sound effectively.

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