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Making a Real Difference with Dr. Saiyyidah Zaidi
Episode 2726th August 2022 • The Eternal Optimist • Matt Drinkhahn
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Dr. Saiyyidah Zaidi Show Notes 

Dr. Saiyyidah Zaidi is a researcher, author, coach, and the Founding Convener and Conversation Architect at the Centre for Belonging and Understanding. As she experienced one of the most tragic events of her life, it became the road that led her straight to the great influence she has now. In this episode, Dr. Saiyyidah shares how she hit rock bottom, how she overcame it, and the integral role of reflection and intentionality in her journey. 

Topics Covered 

  • 0:55 - Dr. Saiyyidah shares her journey in being a doctor. 
  • 2:52 - The most challenging aspects of her journey. 
  • 4:55 - How her car accident impacted her life and her purpose. 
  • 12:50 - Dr. Saiyyidah how her idea of taking action was to research 
  • 16:38 - Where Saiyyidah is now & where she’s headed next in her intentionality 
  • 22:10 - Dr. Saiyyidah on the importance of reflection & how she does it. 
  • 28:38 - Dr. Saiyyidah’s excitement on exploring evidence-based conversations in the workplace. 

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Resources Mentioned 

The Centre for Belonging and Understanding

Results - The Art and Science of Getting It Done 

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