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The State of Display Advertising
Episode 1824th May 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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Love them or hate them, Display Ads are not going away anytime soon. So, with the phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ in mind, it’s time to dig into what Display really is and how it’s different from Programmatic Display.

In this episode, Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing, and Silvio Perez, Head of Performance Marketing at Metadata, tackle the ins and outs of Display marketing and attempt to demystify some of its more complicated aspects.

Tune in to learn when to use Display and Programmatic Display, separately and together, and get some insights into Display as the new channel in Metadata.

Find out:

  • What Display is and what it’s not
  • Questions B2B marketers should be asking Display platforms
  • How Metadata plan to leverage Display Ads moving forward

Catch the full episode to get more insights into all things Display Advertising.

00:00 - 00:24 Intro

00:25 - 01:13 Mark goes over the key points of this episode

01:14 - 02:26 What’s the difference between Display and Programmatic Display

02:27 - 03:56 Account-based marketing (ABM): Google Display Network vs using Programmatic

03:57 - 07:18 Silvio breaks down hidden costs of Programmatic

07:19 - 09:59 What questions should B2B marketers be asking ABM vendors

10:00 - 11:00 What does it take for Display Ads to show up on premium sites

11:01 - 12:51 When it makes sense to run Display Ads

12:52 - 14:06 How to show performance when running Display Ads

14:07 - 15:50 Common mistakes people make with Display

15:51 - 17:58 What makes good Display creative

17:59 - 19:09 Silvio’s recommendations for retargeting using Display

19:10 - 21:39 How trends impact the types of Display Ads running on mobile and desktop

21:40 - 22:52 Why you should avoid using gaming Display Ads

22:53 - 26:09 Silvio and Mark talk about Metadata’s decision to use Display Ads

26:10 - 27:32 Metadata’s thought process around attribution

27:33 - 29:02 Silvio discusses some of the info on Metadata’s Programmatic release

29:03 - 30:32 Where to start when using Display Ads

30:33 - 33:29 What lies in the future of Display

33:30 - 33:55 Conclusion

33:56 - 34:40 - Outro




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