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Creating Responsible Companies Podcast - Destination Better EPISODE 6, 21st January 2020
006 – Internal CSR Communications: 6 Components for Success
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006 – Internal CSR Communications: 6 Components for Success

Part 1 of a 3 part series on communicating CSR:

Corporate Communications: Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is foundational to your content strategy and how to include it with 6 components for success: Internal Communications

“Companies are doing great things, they just aren’t telling their stories.” - Barbra & Janet

Special 3-part Series

Good communication doesn’t have to feel mysterious if you know what to communicate and to whom. These episodes unlock the topics that every CSR and communications professional needs to know to effectively communicate environmental, social and economic initiatives and practices:

Any company of any size can benefit from including its social and environmental initiatives in its internal and external communications. In this episode, we focus on internal communications - how a company keeps stakeholders inside its organization informed and the value it can bring:

  • The importance of strong internal communication and the kinds of information to share regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. 
  • The topics that should be shared inside any company and why they are important to the success of your communication strategy...and company.
  • The various types of internal stakeholders and audiences you should be connecting with and what you should be communicating to them.
  • The reasons why communicating is valuable to your CSR role and the long-term success of your company.

To set the stage, here is a simple definition of CSR: 

How your company manages the impact it has on the environment, as well as the people inside and outside the company: its employees, communities, customers, suppliers, and owners. And as a third component, how a company governs these areas, including its economic performance.

Here are our Six Components for CSR Communications Success

  1. WHO: Identify your Internal audience
  2. WHAT: Determine what to communicate internally 
  3. WHY: Know why CSR communications should be part of your internal content strategy
  4. Ways to communicate internally
  5. Words of caution
  6. Areas of opportunity

Free Resource

Six components for Internal CSR Communications success

Our free download provides additional guidance to determine what to communicate to others - the CSR topics that should be included in any company’s communication plan. We are happy to provide you this resource tool so you can best tell your company’s story to garner the most value for your business!

PS - Be sure to check out Episode 7 on External Communications, and Episode 8, an extra special segment that you won’t hear anywhere else, about communicating CSR to Investors, Owners and Shareholders.